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Who can donate blood?

Every healthy adult fulfilling the below criteria can donate blood:

  • Age group: 18 to 60 years. (Donors of 16 and 17 years of age can donate after obtaining parent’s/guardian’s consent.)
  • Body weight: minimum 45 kilograms weight.
  • Haemoglobin: minimum 12.0 gm% and not more than 18%
  • Pulse: 60 to 100 beats/minute
  • BP: Systolic: upper limit 180mmHg and lower limit 90mmHg
  • BP: Diastolic: upper limit 100 mmHg and lower limit 50 mmHg
  • Blood donation interval: Three months for males and four months for females.
  • The donor shall be free of any skin disease at the phlebotomy area.
  • The donor should be in good health, mentally alert (not under the influence of alcohol)
  • The donor should not be a prisoner, a drug or alcohol addict.
  • The donor should have eaten something in the last 4 hours.

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